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Lady Dark (Sebastian x Reader) Preview
All I own is my poor soul and this story idea ~n~
For the newbies or those who need a reminder;
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Ciel tapped his foot nervously against the floor, causing Sebastian to glance over at him and tilt his head curiously. It was, after all, quite unusual for the famous owner of the Funtom company to be this nervous. In fact, most often, the guest was the one trembling in their boots. The demon felt interest reel him in. Who could be this mysterious person making his master so nervous?
The boy looked up sharply at Sebastian, scowling, as he felt the crow's inquisitive stare. "What?" he snapped, his voice ever so slightly strained.
Sebastian chuckled lowly. "Not much, young master. I am simply intrigued. It is not every day that one sees the ever so great Ciel Phantomhive fearing a guest." a smirk had worked its way up to his lips and he gazed down at his master through his eyelashes.
Ciel hissed in annoyance and g
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Hi :3

It's meh


I was thinking of maybe writing a fan fiction of TMM..? With my OCs? Added in. And... some other stuff. It's just an idea right now ^^; 

Anyways, I have my five Mew mew's basics filled out! :D

So here they are:


Mew Name: Mew Kanzou

Endangered Species: Talaud Fruit Bat/ Talaud Flying Fox

Full Name: Kanzou Kuroyoru

Full Name meaning: {Licorice Black night}

Weapon: Kanzou Katana

Attack: “Ribon Kanzou Slice”

Personality: Unsure, wary and doesn’t trust anyone, independent, clammed up, not to be messed with when angry, hates herself.


Hair: A dark, scruffy brown, straight with cream highlights. Always in a knee-length high ponytail.

Eyes: A dark forest green, becomes dark purple when in Mew form.

Mew Form: Hair darkens to black, eyes become dark purple. Has bat ears and wings, and a small tail. Black outfit.

Mew Mark: On her left shoulder

Mew Outfit Color: Black


Mew name: Mew Yutiriti

Endangered Species: Florida Key Deer

Full Name: Yutiriti Bejumori

Full Name meaning: {Nut Beige forest}

Weapon: Yutiriti Scythe

Attack: “Ribon Yutiriti Slash”

Personality: A diva, loves fashion and is a fashion critique, but isn’t snobbish like Mint.


Hair: Light beige with mint tips, goes down to small of back, slightly wavy

Eyes: Light orange

Mew form: Beige and mint outfit, hair held in a pigtail to the side, eyes become a darker sunset orange, she has small antlers and deer ears and tail

Mew Mark: On her left palm

Mew Outfit Color: Beige {And mint}


Mew Name: Mew Nekuta

Endangered Species: Monarch Butterfly {It IS becoming endangered!}

Full Name: Nekuta Orenjihana

Full Name meaning: {Nectar Orange flower}

Weapon: Nekuta Whip

Attack: “Ribon Nekuta Swirl”

Personality: Sleepy, always wants to sleep... never really fully awake yet excels in most things. Always calm and mostly expressionless


Hair: Long orange-ish red hair held in two high pigtails on the sides of her head, ankle-length and straight

Eyes: sky blue

Mew form: hair gradually fades to red towards top, eyes stay the same, has a huge pair of butterfly and black antennaes

Mew Mark: on her throat.

Mew Outfit Color: Orange


Mew Name: Mew Cheri

Endangered Species: Ring Tailed Lemur

Full name: Cheri Akayama

Full Name meaning: {Cherry Red mountain}

Weapon: Cheri Daggers

Attack: “Ribon Cheri Cut”

Personality: Hyper, full of energy, athletic, optimistic, competitive (think Rainbow Dash, Bronies :T)


Hair: Wavy, goes down to small of back, dark red with black highlights

Eyes: Dark brown

Mew form: Hair stays same; eyes become black, lemur ears and tail

Mew Mark: on her right wrist

Mew Outfit Color: Red


Mew Name: Mew Kurimu

Endangered Species: Narwhal

Full Name: Kurimu Shiroumi

Full Name meaning: {Cream White sea}

Weapon: Kurimu fans

Attack: “Ribon Kurimu Tsunami”

Personality: Hyper, gullible, naive, energetic. Also loves all meme songs, mostly "Narwhals Narwhals" {Kinda duh :3}


Hair: Short shoulder-length white hair

Eyes: black

Mew form: hair stays same eyes become dark blue, has narwhal tail and long horn on forehead, white outfit with light blue lace

Mew Mark: on the back of her right calf

Mew Color: White

dhjhwcsjbcnhjsbcv :'D

As you can see, I don't have the Mew Marks' and outfits' exact designs yet x3

If you have idea's that'd be great! I do have a good-enough idea of how the fanfic would go, tho... I'd have to ask a few things to a few people first too... Really, it's just an idea which is floating around in my head, nothing concrete ^^ But at the very least I have my OCs, and... yeah! So, until the next time?


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